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1913 - 1915

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1913, Austrian Empire, Francis Joseph I. Beautiful Gold Ducat Coin.Mint year: 1913Reference: KM-2267.Mintage: 319,926 pcs.Denomination: Gold DucatMaterial: Gold (.986) .1106 oz AGW.Diameter: 20mmWeight: 3.49gmObverse:Wreathed head of mature Francis Joseph right.Legend: FRANC.IOS.I.D.G.AVSTRIAE IMPERATORReverse:Austrian imperial double headed eagle with coat of arms at chest, holding sword, im ...


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Posted by: spider  2014-06-15
Franz Joseph Lot of Two Restrike gold Coins 1912 1915, 1912, 10 Corona, KM#2816, UNC. 1915, Ducat, KM#2267, UNC. AGW 0.0208 oz. Sold as is, no return lot.
2021-02-26 - New coin is added to 1/2 Anna British Raj (1858-1947) Copper

    1/2 Anna British Raj (1858-1947) Copper
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† Coins of India. British India. Copper ½-Anna, 1845, “4” without serif, therefore struck after 1849 (SW 2.60; KM 447.1). Uncirculated with almost full red, carbon spot under date on the reverse. ...
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    1 Denarius Roman Empire (27BC-395) Silver Marcus Aurelius (1 ...
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MARCUS AURELIUS (161-180). Denarius. Rome. Obv: IMP M AVREL ANTONINVS AVG. Bare head right. Rev: CONCORD AVG TR P XV / COS III. Concordia seated left on throne, holding patera and resting elbow o ...
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