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1916 -1945

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Winged Liberty Silver Dime (1916-1945)Designer – Engraver: Adolph A Weinman Metal Composition: 90% Silver – 10% CopperDiameter: 17.9 mm Mass / Weight: 2.5 grams


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1916-D. PCGS graded EF-40. CAC Approved. Well struck with natural light mottled antique toning on both sides. A popular grade for this Key Date Mercury dime. Mintage: 264,000. In "The Silver Coinage of 1916 - An Artistic Renaissance," Thomas S. LaMarre mentions in referring to the new designs ...

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1919. PCGS graded MS-67 Full Bands. CAC Approved. A superb satin mint gem. Free from blemishes and creamy-white in appearance. Struck with exactitude by the dies, a rare occurrence with this date, even though Philadelphia-made Mercury dimes tended to be of more consistent high quality than pro ...
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