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Denmark-Norway (1536-1814)             
Issue year(s):
1797 - 1808


1797, Denmark, Christian VII. Large Silver Specie Daler (60 Schilling) Coin. Mint year: 1797 Mint Place: Altona Mint Master: Michael Flor (MF) References: Davenport 1313, H-39A, KM-651.1. Denomination: Speciedaler of 60 Schilling (Daler Specie) Material: Silver (.875) Weight: 28.71gm Diameter: 40mm Obverse: Head of Christian VII right. Engraver´s initial (B.) below bust´s truncation. ...


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Posted by: anonymous  2015-11-16
Schleswig-Holstein, königliche Linie, Christian VII. Speciestaler 1794 MF, Altona. Jaeger 10 e, Lange 127, AKS 10 a, Davenport 1311, Hede 39. Randfehler, Kratzer, sehr schön

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Posted by: anonymous  2015-08-27
DEUTSCHLAND Schleswig-Holstein, Herzogtum Christian VII. von Dänemark, 1766-1808. Speciestaler 1787, Altona. 28.87 g. Hede 39a. Dav. 1311. Gutes sehr schön.
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