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Netherlands, Gelderland. Large Silver Rijks Daalder (Rix Dollar) Coin.Denomination: Rijks Daalder (Rix Dollar) of 48 Stuivers Reference: Davenport 4828, KM-16.1 Weight: 28.58gmDiameter: 42mmMaterial: SilverObverse: Laureated and armored bust of William I of Orange right, shouldering sword and holding arms of Gelderland on a rein.Legend: ✥ MO • ARG • PRO • – CONFOE • BEL • GEL •Reverse: Crowne ...


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Posted by: anonymous  2017-01-30
Niederlande-Geldern, Provinz Niederländischer Reichstaler 1620. Davenport 4828, Delmonte 938. Prägeschwäche, korrodiert, sehr schön
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