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CoinWorldTV 1810, Kingom of Naples, Joachim-Napoléon Murat. Rare Silver 12 Carlini (Piastra) Coin. Mint Year: 1810 Mint Place: Naples Denomination: Piastra (12 Carlini) Reference: Davenport 166, KM-250 Material: Silver (.737) Weight: 27.51gm Diameter: 38mmObverse: Head of Joachim Napoleon Murat as King of the two Sicilies left. Legend: GIOACCHINO NAPOLEONE RE DELLE DUE SICILIE Reverse: ...


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Posted by: anonymous  2015-11-15
ITALIEN Neapel - Sizilien Gioacchino Murat, 1808-1813 12 Carlini 1809. 27.42 g. Pag. 45. Dav. 166. Selten. Hübsche Patina, Rv. min. justiert. Sehr schön-vorzüglich.
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