1 Follis / AE4 Roman Republic (509BC-27BC) Bronze

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Anonymous Issue for the Festival of Isis, AE4, 4th Century, Rome

ISIS F_ARIA Draped bust of Isis right wearing hem-hem crown surmounted by lotus flower VOTA P_VBLICA Anubis standing facing, head left, wearing military dress, chlamys on left shoulder and draped over left arm, sistrum in right hand, caduceus in left 13mm, 1.01g
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Severus II, AD 306-307. AE Follis minted at Serdica as Caesar, AD 305-306. Laureate head right of Severus II. Reverse: Genius standing left. RIC 13a. Some silvering remaining. Extremely Fine. Th ...

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BRAZIL 1781 80 Reis Silver VF

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BAHAMAS 1977 2 Dollars Flamingo Silver Crown Proof
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