1 Follis / AE3 Roman Republic (509BC-27BC) Bronze

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Anonymous Issue for the Festival of Isis, AE3, 4th Century, Rome

DEO SA_RAPIDI Jugate, draped busts of Serapis right wearing modius and Isis wearing hem-hem crown  VOTA-PVBLICA Isis standing facing, head right, sistrum upward in right hand, situla downward in left 19mm x 20mm, 2.48g
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Severus II, AD 306-307. AE Follis minted at Serdica as Caesar, AD 305-306. Laureate head right of Severus II. Reverse: Genius standing left. RIC 13a. Some silvering remaining. Extremely Fine. Th ...

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Germany. Munster. Cathedral Chapter. Ae 3 Pfenning, 1753 (Ae - 3,61g - 24mm). Sch. 8, KM 430. About very fine.

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Австрия 1 крейцер (1816 г.) Медь
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