1 Farthing Kingdom of England (927-1649,1660-1707) Bronze Charles ...

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“Rose” Farthing Coin

The Rose farthings have 2 main types.
The first with a larger obverse circle and reverse double rose.
The second has a smaller obverse circle and reverse single rose.
The legends are also different as type 1 has smaller letters
and can thus fit more letter in the ring.

1 Farthing – Kindom of England, bronze, 1635, Charles I

The farthings of Charles I (1625-1649) were privately minted.
The Rose farthings were issued late in the Reign and later Rose farthings had a brass wedge inserted to stop counterfeiting.
Rev. Legend FRAN ET HIB REX.

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1 Farthing ,England ,1635,Charles I,

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CoinWorldTV 1649, Great Britain, Charles I. Scarce "Rose" Farthing Coin. VF+ Condition: VF+ Denomination: Farthing Mint Period: 1635/6-1644 Mint Place: Tower mint (London) Reference: Peck 314, North 2290, SCBC 3204, KM-175. R! Material: Copper Diameter: 14mm Weight: 1g ...
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