1 Ducat Austrian Empire (1804-1867) Gold Joseph II, Holy Roman Em ...

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AUSTRIA. Ducat, 1783-A. Fr-299; KM-2084. Joseph II. Lustrous. Extremely Fine.

Laureate portrait facing right, mint mark below bust, legend around: IOS·II·D·G·R·I·S·A·GE·HV·BO·REX
Translation: Joseph II Dei gratia Romanorum imperator semper augustus Germaniae, Hungariae, Bohemiae rex “Joseph II by the grace of God, Emperor of the Romans, Ever Augustus, King of Germany, Hungary, and Bohemia”
Crowned double-headed imperial eagle with Habsburg Lorraine arms, legend: ARCH·A·D·BVRG·LOTH·M·D·H·
Translation: Archidux Austriae Dux Burgundiae Lotharengiae Magnus Dux Hetruriae

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Posted by: anonymous  2016-12-08
RDR / ÖSTERREICH Joseph II. 1765-1790. Dukat 1787, A Wien. 3.48 g. J. 21. Fr. 299. Sehr schön-vorzüglich / Very fine-extremely fine.

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Posted by: goldmen  2010-11-01
Gold AUSTRIA. Ducat, 1783-A. Fr-299; KM-2084. Joseph II. Lustrous. Extremely Fine.

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HUNGARY, Ludwig I (1342-1383), gold gulden or ducat, obv. Florentine lily, around +LODOV ICI REX, rev. St. John, standing facing, around S IOHA NNES B, ...

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Info: http://www.noble.com.au/auctions/lot/?id=316506 Estimate $400 S ...
HUNGARY, Sigismund (1387-1437), gulden or ducat, obv. quartered arms in shield, around SIGISMVNDI D G R VNGARIE, rev. St Ladislas standing facing, around S LADISL ...

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Info: http://www.noble.com.au/auctions/lot/?id=316508 Estimate $400 S ...
HUNGARY, Rudolf II (1576-1608), ducat or gulden, 1589, (3.47 g), issued at the Kremnitz mint, obv. Madonna standing facing, around RVDOL II D G RO ...
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