1 Drachm Hephthalite Empire Billon

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Hephthalite Empire             
Issue year(s):
710 - 720

Reference: Göbl 257. R!
Mint Period: 710-720 AD
Denomination: AR Drachm
Ruler: Shahi Tigin (710-720 AD)
Material: Silver (low purity)
Diameter: 25mm
Weight: 2.52gm

Obverse: Crowned sasanian type bust right, wearing flame-topped crown. Inscription to right. All within a border of pellets.

Reverse: Stylized fire altar flanked by attendants.

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Posted by: serega  2013-10-29
Hepthalites (White Huns), Shahi Tigin. (710-720 AD) AR Drachm Coin. R!

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WORLD COINS. ISLAMIC. Sasanian Drachms (4) and ½-Drachms (2). Fine to very fine. (6) £60-80

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ANCIENT COINS, GREEK, Greek Silver Coins (7), comprising Thrace, Apollonia Pontika (late 5th Century to early 4th Century BC), Silver Drachm, anchor and crayfish, rev head of Medusa facing; Illyr ...

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Bithynien-Kalchedon Drachme. 3,75 g. Sehr schön
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Hola, no se bien como funciona este sitio, pero necesito vender una moneda de oro de 10 dolares eeuu de 1866. Es la que tiene el aguila. Si hay algun interesado espero mendaje. Saludos
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