1/2 Thaler States of Germany Silver

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Mint Master: Hans Christoph Lauer (privy mark: star)
Mint Place: Nuremberg (as free City within the Holy Roman Empire).
Reference: Erlanger 1017, Whiting 59, KM-30 (there shown as ½ Thaler). R!
Mint year: 1617 (date in reverse legend encoded as Chronogram, MDLLVVII)
Denomination: Klippe ½ Thaler (also known as Guldiner-Klippe) - Reformation Centennial!
Weight: 12.75gm
Diameter: 49mm
Material: Silver

Obverse: Basket held by robed hand (Martin Luther’s hand) from right, inverted over lit candle, cherub’s head and wing in each corner.

Reverse: Inscription in 4 lines containing date in chronoogram. All within ornamented square tablet with a winged angel’s head above.

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1617, Nuremberg (Free City). Scarce Reformation Silver Klippe ½ Thaler Coin. R!

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CoinWorldTV 1853, Saxony, Frederick Augustus II. Silver 1/3 Thaler (½ Gulden) Coin. VF+ Mint Year: 1853 Mint Place: Dresden Reference: KM-1177. Denomination: 1/3 Thaler (½ Gulden) Mint Offi ...

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Details about GERMANY-BREMEN 1864 1/2 Thaler (36 Grote) Silver XF

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GERMANY-BAVARIA 1843 2 Thaler (3 1/2 Gulden) Silver Crown VF
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    2 Real Spanish Mexico / Kingdom of New Spain (1519 - 1821) ...
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Mexico. 2 Reales, 1784-Mo FF. KM-88.2. Charles III. Bust right. Minor surface marks. Toned. About Very Fine. Estimated Value $40 - 50. The Dan Holmes Collection. Categories: World Crowns and Minors
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    20 Yen Japan Gold
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Japan. 20 Yen, 1916. Fr-53; KM-Y40.2. Taisho-5. Radiant sun. Reverse: Value in wreath. PCGS graded MS-62. Estimated Value $1,400 - 1,500. Categories: World Gold Coins
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