1000 Lira Italy Silver

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1000 Lira    (aboutLira)
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Italy, 1000 Lire, 1970, Rome mint, Centennial of Rome as Italian Capital 1870-1970 CONCORDIA Bust of Concordia, veiled with stephane right ROMA CAPITALE Star design Plain Edge with raised inscription REPUBBLICA ITALIANA * * * * * * * 14.6000g, .8350 Silver, .392oz ASW, 32mm

Mintage: 3,011,000

KM 101

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Lira   Lira (Pound) is the name of the monetary unit of a number of countries, as well as the former currency of Italy, Malta, San Marino and the Vatican City (replaced in 2002 with the euro). The term originates from the value of a Troy pound (Latin libra) of high purity silver, and as such is a direct translation of the British pound sterling; in s ...

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SYRIA 1921-1958 1/2-1-10-25 Piastres-1 Lira - 6 Assorted Coins

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DEUTSCHLAND Bundesrepublik Deutschland Fehlprägungen 1 Euro-Cent o. J. (2002-). Mehrfache Zweifachprägung. 2.29 g. Sehr selten. FDC.

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Italien-Cisalpine RepublikScudo zu 6 Lira Jahr VIII (1800), Mailand. Auf die Schlacht von Marengo. Pagani 8, Davenport 199. Schöne Patina. Minimale Kratzer, vorzüglich - Stempelglanz
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