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1671, Liege (Bishopric), Maximilian Heinrich of Bavaria. Silver Patagon Coin. R!

Mint Year: 1671 Denomination: Patagon Mint Place: Bishopric of Liége (Belgium) References: Davenport 4294, KM-80 ($575 in XF!). Rare! Condition: Weight-adjusting marks, small digs and a few scratches, otherwise about XF! Weight: 27.47gm Diameter: 39mm Material: Silver

Obverse: Bust of Maximilian Henry of Bavaria as Prince-Bishop of Liege right. Legend: MAX . HEN . D . G . ARC . COL . PRINC . EL

Reverse: Ducal crown on composite coat-of-arms. Date (16-71) split in fields above. Legend: EP . ET . PRINC . LEOD . DVX . BVL . MAR . FR CO . LO . H

The Bishopric of Liège or Prince-Bishopric of Liège was a state of the Holy Roman Empire in the Low Countries in present Belgium. It acquired its status as a prince-bishopric between 980 and 985 when Bishop Notger, who had been the bishop of Liege since 972, acquired the status of Prince-Bishop after he received secular control of the County of Huy from the emperor . The Prince-Bishopric belonged from 1500 on to the Lower Rhenish-Westphalian Circle. It was headed by the Prince-Bishop of Liège. Its territory included most of the present Belgian provinces of Liège and Limburg, and some exclaves in other parts of Belgium and the Netherlands. The capital was Liège (which, as the bishopric, is Lüttich in German and Luik in Dutch). It briefly became a republic (the Liège Republic) from 1789 to 1791, before reverting to a Prince-Bishopric in 1791 then being annexed by France in 1795.

Maximilian Heinrich of Bavaria (8 October 1621 - 3 June 1688) was the third son and fourth child of Albert VI, landgrave of Leuchtenberg and his wife, Mechthilde von Leuchtenberg. In 1650, he was named Archbishop of Cologne, Bishop of Hildesheim and Bishop of Liège succeeding his uncle, Ferdinand of Bavaria. In 1683, he was named Bishop of Münster, but Pope Innocent XI refused to confirm this nomination. He died in 1688 and was succeeded by Joseph Clemens of Bavaria.

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