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Seleucid Empire, Philip I Philadelphus (94-75 BC) AR Tetradrachm Coin. aXF!

Mint Place: Antioch Ruler: Philip I Philadelphus Denomination: AR Tetradrachm Reference: Hoover 1319, Newell SMA 444. Condition: Obverse struck off-center, possibly cleaned in the past, otherwise about XF! Mint Period: Struck circa 88/7-76/5 BC Weight: 15.87gm Diameter: 28mm Material: Silver

Obverse: Diademed head of Philip Philadelphos right.

Reverse: Athena standing left, holding Nike and resting hand on grounded shield, spear leaning against arm. Monogram (^) below. All within wreath. Legends: BAΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΦΙΛΙΠΠΩΥ (in right field) / ΕΠΙΦΑΝΟΥΣ ΦΙΛΑΔΕΛΦΟΥ (in left field) .

Antioch on the Orontes (Latin: Antiochia ad Orontem; also Great Antioch or Syrian Antioch) was an ancient city on the eastern side of the Orontes River. It is near the modern city of Antakya, Turkey. Founded near the end of the 4th century BC by Seleucus I Nicator, one of Alexander the Great's generals, Antioch eventually rivaled Alexandria as the chief city of the Near East and was a cradle of gentile Christianity. It was one of the four cities of the Syrian tetrapolis. Its residents were known as Antiochenes.


Philip I Philadelphus (Greek: Φίλιππος Α' ὁ Φιλάδελφος, "Philip the brother-loving"), a ruler of the Hellenistic Seleucid kingdom, was the fourth son of Antiochus VIII Grypus and his wife Tryphaena. Philip I took the diadem in 95 BC together with his brother (probably twin) Antiochus XI Ephiphanes, after the eldest son Seleucus VI Epiphanes was killed by their cousin Antiochus X Eusebes. He established himself in Antiochia after 92 BC and survived attacks from younger brother Demetrius III Eucaerus. His rule was ended in 83 BC when Tigranes conquered Syria, or earlier. He disappears from history at that point, but coins bearing his portrait were issued by later Roman authorities.

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