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1909, Kingdom of Wurttemberg, William II. Nice Silver 3 Mark Coin. VF

Mint Year: 1909 Reference: KM-635. Denomination: 3 Mark Mint Place: Freudenstadt Mint (F) Condition: Bag-marks and edge-nicks, otherwise about XF! Material: Silver (.900) Weight: 16.58gm Diameter: 33mm

Obverse: Bearded head of William II. of Wurttemberg right. Legend: WILHELM II KOENIG VON WUERTTEMBERG Exergue: Mint mark (F - Fredenstadt)

Reverse: Crown of the German Empire above heraldic eagle with shield at chest looking left. Legend: DEUTSCHES REICH 1909 * DREI MARK *

William II (German Wilhelm II) (25 February 1848 in Stuttgart – 2 October 1921 in Bebenhausen) was the fourth King of Württemberg, from 6 October 1891 until the abolition of the kingdom on 30 November 1918. He was the son of Prince Frederick of Württemberg (1808–1870) and his wife Princess Catherine of Württemberg (1821–1898), daughter of King William I of Württemberg (1781–1864). Upon the death of his childless uncle, King Charles I (1823–1891), he succeeded as King of Württemberg. Despite living in a landlocked kingdom, William II was a ship enthusiast. He had a vision of a German Fleet reaching deep into the country through its rivers. The king was instrumental in the establishment of the Württembergischer Yacht Club (formerly "Königlich Württembergischer Yacht-Club" or Royal Yacht Club of Württemberg) in 1911 on Lake Constance. King William became a Generalfeldmarschall during World War I. In 1918, he was deposed from the throne along with the other German rulers. Considered to be a popular monarch, he was bitter to find he received less support than he had anticipated. He had the habit of walking his two dogs in public parks in Stuttgart without bodyguards or the like, being greeted by his subjects with a simple Herr König ("Mister King"). Under his reign, the family Weizsäcker rose to prominence. With William II's death in 1921 without male issue, the senior branch of the House of Württemberg became extinct. The ducal branch became the new dynastic-branch of the House; thus, the Kingship was extinguished and the headship of the house devolved to a dukedom, specifically onto Albrecht, Duke of Württemberg.

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