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1793, France (National Convention). Nice Bronze 1 Sol Coin. Rare Variation!

Mint year: 1793
Denomination: 1 Sol
Mint Place: Lyon (D)
Condition: A nice VF+ for this gun-metal (metal cloche) issue!
References: KM-619.5 ($125 in VF!). variation with eagle`s head (privy mark in reverse field) looking left !
Material: gun metal (metal cloche)
Diameter: 28mm
Weight: 12.1gm

Obverse: Inscribed tablet ("LES HOMMES SONT EGAUX DEVANT LA LOI"), flanked by grapes and ear corn. Illuminated eye above.

Reverse: Scale of Justice topped by cap of liberty and adorned with wreath. Value (1.S) inside.
Legend: LIBERTE EGALITE . (privy mark: eagle's head left) / D. (mint initial) / . 1793 .


The National Convention (Convention nationale) — a single chamber assembly in France from 21 September 1792 to 26 October 1795 (4 Brumaire IV under the Convention's adopted calendar) during the French Revolution. It succeeded the Legislative Assembly and founded the First Republic after insurrection of 10 August 1792. The Legislative Assembly decreed the provisional suspension of King Louis XVI and the convocation of a National Convention which should draw up a constitution. At the same time it was decided that deputies to that convention should be elected by all Frenchmen 25 years old or more, domiciled for a year and living by the product of their labor. The National Convention was therefore the first French Assembly elected by universal male suffrage, without distinctions of class.

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This coin has been sold for   $42.0

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