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1857, Australia, Sydney. Copper "Hanks & Company" Tea Mart Penny Token. VF+

Mint Date: 1857
Reference: KM-Tn81. R!
Company: Hanks & Company
Condition: A few hits in obverse across the coat-of-arms, otherwise VF+
Denomination: Penny (Token Coinage) - Sydney, Hanks & Company (Australian Tea Mart)
Material: Copper
Weight: 15.41gm
Diameter: 34mm


Australian coins refers to the coins which are or were in use as Australian currency. During the early days of the colonies that formed Australia, foreign currency was used, but in 1910, a decade after federation, Australian coins were introduced. Australia used pounds, shillings and pence until 1966, when it adopted the decimal system with the Australian dollar divided into 100 cents. With the exception of the first Proclamation Coinage and the holey dollars, all Australian coins remain legal tender despite being withdrawn from circulation.

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This coin has been sold for   $11.0

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