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CoinWorldTV 1618, Austrian States, Trautson, Paul Sixtuis I. Silver 3 Kreuzer Coin. XF! Mint Year: 1618 Mint Place: Falkenstein Denomination: 3 Kreuzer (Groschen) Ruler: Paul Sixtus, Count of Trautson Reference: KM-5 (listed under Austrian States, Trautson) Condition: Scattered alloy spots (as made at the mint and caused by tin chunks in the silver alloy) in obverse, minor weakness in reverse, otherwise a nice XF! Diameter: 21mm Material: Silver Weight: 1.76gm Obverse: Draped bust of Paul Sixtus, wearing Toison d'Or around neck. Value (3) splitting legend below. Legend: + PAVL . SIXT . TR (3) AVTSON . CO . IN Reverse: Crowned double-headed Imperial eagle above crowned shield with arms of the House of Trautson within order chain. Legend: + FALKENST . AVREI . VEL . AQ . [1]6I8 Trautson was an old Tyrolean family, that traced its lineage back to 1134. In Baron (later Count) of Trautson purcheased Castle Falkenstein (lit. Castle Falcon Stone) from Emperor Maximilian II. During the reign of Count Paul Sixtus I (1589-1621), who was Imperial Governor of Tyrol, the mint right was given to this house. The Trautson family held high imperial offices until 1775 when the house passed to Auersperg. The Castle Falkenstein Castle Ruin (de. Burg Falkenstein, lit. Castle Falcon Stone) is located in the Weinviertel region of Lower Austria, about 55 km north of Vienna near the border to Czech Republic. The history of the castle from the 11th century is as old as the settlement of the region. It was founded around 1050 by Emperor Henry III. 1106 Leopold III, Margrave of Austria purchased the castle, from then on it was owned by the rulers of Austria. 1572 Maximilian II sold Falkenstein to the Baron (later Count) of Trautson. In 1645, in the last period of the Thirty Years' War Falkenstein was conquered by Swedish forces, but not destroyed. Its decay began at the end of the 17th century, when the castle was dismantled by the owners themselves for re-use of the material. During the summer-season the inner ward becomes an impressive place for medieval feasts and theatre plays. Only 1$ shipping for each additional item purchased!
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