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1563, India, Bengal Sultanate, Ghiyath ud-din Jalal. Silver Tanka Coin.

Mint Year: AH970? Denomination:  Tanka Reference: G&G B9971. Mint Period: 1560-1563 AD Condition: Light deposits and minor corrosion, otherwise VF+ Weight: 10.74gm Diameter:  29mm Material: Silver

The Bengal Sultanate refers to an independent medieval Islamic state established in Bengal in 1342. Its realm and influence extended across modern-day Bangladesh, East India and West Burma.   Several dynasties ruled over Bengal Sultanate sequentially. It   disintegrated at the end of the 16th-century and was absorbed into the   pan-South Asian Mughal Empire and the Arakanese Kingdom of Mrauk U.

Ghiyasuddin Jalal Shah (reigned: 1561–1563) was the brother and successor of Sultan Ghiyasuddin Bahadur Shah II. He ruled Bengal for 3 years before he died in 1563.

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