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† Coins of India. Princely States. Jodhpur, Biyayshahi Rupees (6), in the name of Shah ‘Alam II, Pai mint, some dated 1218 (Lingen P03.02, P03.03), Rupee, in the name of Muhammad Akbar, Year 22, Pali mint (Lingen P04.01), Rupees (4), in the names of Queen Victoria and Takht Singh, Year 52, daroga mark ru, Year 54 type, no daroga mark, Pali mint (Lingen P07.2.06, P07.1.06), Rupees (2), in the names of Queen Victoria and Jaswant Singh, Pali mint, daroga marks m ā and b ā (Lingen P09.06.02); ¼- and ⅛ -Rupee, in the name of Queen Victoria and Jaswant Singh, Jodhpur mint, Year 22 type, daroga mark aum (Lingen J09.08.03, J09.09.03); Copper Takkas (2), Jodhpur mint, one dated AH 1205 Year 35 (Lingen J06.03), ½-Anna, in the names of Edward VII and Sardar Singh, 1906 AD (Lingen J12.12), ¼-Annas (2), in the name of Edward VIII and Umaid Singh (L J16.12 a, b); Paisa, Sirohi mint (KM 11).Generally very fine, the Rupee fractions extremely fine, toned.(21) Part of the David Fore Collection of British Indian Coins. £150-200
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