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1563, Netherlands, Nijmegen (City). Large Silver Civic Daalder Coin. PCGS AU+

Mint Year: 1563 Mint Place: Nijmegen Denomination: Daalder (Civic Issue!) Reference: Davenport 8548, Delmonte 640. R!   Condition: Certified and graded by PCGS as AU (Details: Cleaned!) Diameter: 42mm Weight: 28.5gm Material: Silver

Obverse: Rampart lion left, holding imperial arms on a rein. Legend: (privy mark: pomegrenade) NA* KO'* PHS'* PENIN'* G'* GEHAL'* DAL'* V'* XXX* STV'.

Reverse: Crown above double-headed imperial eagle with a shield bearing arms of Nijmegen at chest. Legend: DER* STADT* NIMEGEN* MVNT* INT* IAER*

Nijmegen is a municipality and a city in the east of the Netherlands, near the German border.  It is considered to be the oldest city in the Netherlands and celebrated its 2000th year of existence in 2005. During the Dutch Revolt,   trade came to a halt and even though Nijmegen became a part of the   Republic of United Provinces in 1585, it remained a border town and had   to endure multiple sieges.

Nijmegen, historically anglicized as Nimeguen, is a city in the Dutch province of Gelderland, on the Waal river close to the German border.

The powerful Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor was born at Nijmegen in 1165. In 1230 his son Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor granted Nijmegen city rights. In 1247, the city was ceded to the count of Guelders as collateral for a loan. The loan was never repaid, and Nijmegen has been a part of Gelderland ever since. This did not hamper trade; Nijmegen even became part of the Hanseatic League in 1364.

During the Dutch Revolt, trade came to a halt and even though Nijmegen became a part of the Republic of United Provinces after its capture from the Spanish in 1591, it remained a border town and had to endure multiple sieges.

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