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1900, Baden, Stuttgart (City). Rare Silver "High School" Award Medal. NGC MS-64!

Mint Year: ca. 1900 Mint Place. Stuttgart Reference: Wulster 1926. Condition: Certified and graded by NGC as MS-64! Denomination: Award Medal - Realgymnasium (High School) of Stuttgart (City), Germany. Weight: 19.89gm Diameter: 32mm Material: Silver

Obverse: Corinthian helmet topped by owl (allegoric for wisdom) flanked by wheat-sprays. Medallist´s signature (D) at 6 o'clock.

Reverse: Inscription in four lines separated by decorative element. Legend: PLUS ULTRA / GYMN REG. STUTTG.

Gymnasium (German pronunciation: [ɡʏmˈnaːzi̯ʊm]; German plural: Gymnasien), in the German education system, is the most advanced of the three types of German secondary schools, the others being Realschule and Hauptschule.

For Johann Joachim Becher, education also had the mandate to support the replacement of the Holy Roman Empire with a more republican commonwealth. His school would have had the task of creating education and teaching an organized state structure. His ideal was the artisan, the educated scholar, the universal scientist.

In the German secondary school system, Realschule is ranked between Hauptschule (lowest) and Gymnasium (highest). After completing the Realschule, good students are allowed to attend a professional Gymnasium or a general-education Gymnasium. They can also attend a Berufsschule or do an apprenticeship.

In most states of Germany, students start the Realschule at the age of ten or eleven and typically finish school at the age of 16–17. In some states, Realschulen have recently been replaced by Oberschulen or Sekundarschulen. In 2006 1.32 million German students attended a Realschule.

At Realschule, a student gets an extended education and learns at least one foreign language, usually English. In the state of Baden-Württemberg, after the sixth grade, the student has to choose among technology, home economics, and a second foreign language, usually French. The new subject becomes the student's fifth main subject, after German, maths, science and English; and it is also possible to learn other foreign languages in free workshops. Other subjects are geography, social sciences, economics, history, religious education, and physical education. After the 8th grade a student has to choose between arts and music.

High school diplomas obtained in Canada or the United States are usually acknowledged as a Mittlere Reife (graduation from a Realschule). In some cases however students may apply for certain subjects at a university. All students holding an American high school diploma may apply for the Studienkolleg, and after successfully graduating from this they may attend a German university. Those holding a high school diploma can choose from a wider range of possible major subjects at a German university if they did well on the SAT or ACT. Those who scored higher than 1300 on the SAT or higher than 28 on the ACT may apply for any subject at a German university.

Gymnasia and Realgymnasia are the classical higher or secondary schools of Germany.

Starting in 2010/2011, Realschulen were formally abolished in Berlin and merged with Hauptschulen and the old Gesamtschulen to form a new type of comprehensive school, called Stadtteilschule in Hamburg and Sekundarschule in Berlin.

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