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1872, Hanover (City). Rare Silver Shooting Thaler Coin. UNC! Only 6,317 Struck!

Mint Year: 1872 Engraver: Brehmer Mintage: 6,317pcs.   References: Davenport (unlisted), KM-(unlisted), Bruce-X#1. R! Denomination:  Shooting Thaler  - 4th German Shooting Festival! Condition: A small scrape at 8 o'clock, minimal contact-marks and hairlines in fields, otherwise a nice lustre UNCirculated coin! Weight: 16.83gm Diameter: 33mm Material: Silver

Obverse: Crowned and seated Germania, holding wreath and sword. Shield of the German Empire and target to her left. Legend: VIERTES DEUTSCHES BUNDES SCHIESSEN / HANNOVER 1872 Translated: "4th German, Federal Shooting / Hannover 1872"

Reverse: Celmeted shield with arms of Hannover, supported by lions. All set on a base, terminated by arabesques below. Legend: RESIDENZSTADT HANNOVER Translated: "Residence City  Hannover"

Hanover or Hannover, on the river Leine, is the capital of the federal state of Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen),  Germany and was once by personal union the family seat of the  Hanoverian Kings of Great Britain, under their title as the dukes of  Brunswick-Luneburg (later described as the Elector of Hanover). At the  end of the Napoleonic Wars, the Electorate was enlarged to become the  capital of the Kingdom of Hanover.

In addition to being the capital of Lower Saxony, Hanover was the capital of the administrative area Regierungsbezirk Hannover (Hanover region)  until Lower Saxony's administrative regions were disbanded at the  beginning of 2005. Since 2001 it is part of the Hanover district (Region Hannover), which is a municipal body made up from the former district (Landkreis Hannover) and city of Hanover (note: although both Region and Landkreis are translated as district they are not the same).

With a population of 522,686 (31 December 2010) the  city is a major centre of northern Germany, known for hosting annual  commercial trade fairs such as the Hanover Fair and the CeBIT. Every  year Hanover hosts the Schutzenfest Hannover, the world's largest  marksmen's festival, and the Oktoberfest Hannover, the second largest  Oktoberfest in the world (beside Oktoberfest of Blumenau). In 2000,  Hanover hosted the world fair Expo 2000. The Hanover fairground,   due  to numerous extensions, especially for the Expo 2000, is the   largest  in the world. Hanover is also of national importance because of   its  universities and medical school, its international airport, and its    large zoo. The city is also a major crossing point of railway lines and  highways (Autobahnen), connecting European main lines in  east-west-direction (Berlin - Ruhr area) and north-south-direction  (Hamburg - Munich et al.).

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