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1556, Doges of Venice, Lorenzo Priuli. Gold Zecchino Ducat Coin. Damaged VF+

Mint Period: 1556-1559 Doge: Lorenzo Priuli (1556-1559) Denomination: Venetian Ducat (Zecchino) Reference: CNI 56 var. Papadopoli 4. Friedberg 1255. R! Condition: Flan damage at 3/6 o'clock, lightly deformed  and with light deposits, otherwise VF+  Diameter: 20mm Weight: 3.48gm Material: Gold!

Obverse: St. Mark standing right, presenting cross topped banner to kneeling Doge. Legend: LAV.PRIOL - •S•M•VENETI• / DVX Reverse: Christ standing facing, raising hand in benediction and holding Gospels. Legend: •SIT•T•XPE•DAT •Q•TV•REGISISTE DVCAT'• Comment: Halo of light (mandorla) with 12 stars around!

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Lorenzo Priuli (1489 – 17 August 1559) was the 82nd Doge of Venice. He reigned from 1556 to 1559. His dogaressa was Zilia Dandolo (d. 1566).

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