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Description: 1716,
SWEDEN. 4 Daler Plate Money, 1716. Karl XII (1697-1718).

9.75 x 9 in. KM-PM49; AAH-150; BT-A1. (Tingstrom: 30 examples known including 7 pieces from the Nicobar). In the year 1716, the 4 Daler denomination was reintroduced for the first time since 1658. Although two 4 Dalers are known dated 1663, these were produced from cut down 8 Daler pieces. All stamps boldly applied, and all but one side of the center stamp complete and full. Lightly cleaned some time ago. Nice reddish brown patina. A hint of light surface porosity, otherwise a very attractive example without re-validation stamps.

Pedigree: From the Stanley Aberdeen Collection.
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This coin has been sold for   $3818.0

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