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1547, Royal France, Francis I. Beautiful Gold Ecu (with Sun) Coin. PCGS MS-62!

Mint Period: 1515-1547 Mint Place: St. Pourcain References: Friedberg 340, Duplessy 769. R! Condition: Certified and graded by PCGS as MS-62! Denomination: Ecu d'or au soleil ("Gold Ecu with Sun") Diameter: 36mm Weight: 3.36gm Material: Gold!

Obverse: Sun above crowned shield with french royal arms (three lis). Legend: + FRANCISCVS: DEI: GRA: GRA: FRANCORVM: REX:

Reverse: Ornate cross with fleur de lis terminals and rosette center. Legend: + XPS: VINCIT: XPS: REGNAT: XPS: IMPERAT

Francis I (French: François Ier; 12 September 1494 – 31 March 1547), was king of France from 1515 until his death.

Francis I is considered to be France's first Renaissance monarch. His reign saw France make immense cultural advances. He was a c ontemporary of Suleiman the Magnificent of the Ottoman Empire, with whom he was allied in a Franco-Ottoman alliance, as well as of Henry VIII of England and of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, his great rivals.

Francis' legacy is generally considered a mixed one. He achieved great cultural feats, but they came at the expense of France's economic well-being.

The persecution of the Protestants was to lead France into decades of civil war, which did not end until 1598 with the Edict of Nantes.

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This coin has been sold for   $810.0

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