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1827, United States. Early Silver Capped Bust Half Dollar (50 Cents) Coin.VF-/F+

Mint Year: 1827 Reference: KM-37.   Condition: VF- / F+ Denomination: Capped Bust Half Dollar Weight: 12.71gm Diameter: 33mm Material: Silver

Obverse: Draped female bust of Liberty, wearing inscribed cap. Date below, 13 stars around. Legend: LIBERTY ******* 1827 ****** Reverse: Eagle, with a striped shield upon its breast, olive branch and three arrows in its claws. Banner with motto above. Legend: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - 50 C.

The Capped Bust design was introduced by Chief Engraver of the Mint, William Kneass.   It proved to be a popular design and lasted from 1807 to 1839 on the   half dollar, 1809 to 1837 on the dime and half dime, and 1815 to 1838 on   the quarter.

There was also a gold design created by engraver Robert Scot created   in 1795, also called the Capped Bust, although it is more popularly   known as the "Turban Head" because of its unusual, exotic appearance.   The Turban design was used on the gold Quarter Eagle, Half Eagle, and   Eagle from 1795 to 1834. On the Quarter and Half Eagles, the Turban   design was replaced with the regular Capped Bust design in 1807, however   the Eagle stayed with the original design until it was replaced with   the "Coronet" Liberty Head design in 1838, having stopped production of   the Eagle in 1804.

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