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1893, Mexico (2nd Republic). Large Silver 8 Reales (Cap Dollar) Coin. XF-AU!

Mint Year: 1893 Denomination: 8 Reales Mint Mark: Mo (Mexico City) Reference: 1893-MoAM, KM-377.10. Condition: Lightly toned, otherwise XF-AU!  Material: Silver (.903) Weight: 27,07gm Diameter: 38mm

Obverse: Phrygian cap with "libertad" inscription, with 32 light rays. Legend: * 8R . Mo . 1893 . A . M . 10 Ds . 20 Gs .

Reverse: Eagle with a snake in its beak, standing on a cactus plant, sea waves below. Legend: REPUBLICA MEXICANA (terminated by olive and oak branches)

The successful revolt of the Spanish colonies in America, did not stopped the Spanish dollar to dominate the Eastern trade, and the peso of 8 reales continued to be minted in the New World. The coin was sometimes called a Republican dollar, but eventually any peso of the old Spanish 8-real standard was generally referred to as a Mexican dollar, Mexico being the most prolific producer. Mexico restored the standard of 1772, producing a coin of 27.073 g, 0.9028 fine, containing 24.441 g fine silver (the mark weight of the Mexico City mint was very slightly heavier than the standard mark of Spain).

The First Federal Republic of Mexico (Spanish: Primera República Federal de México)   was established on 4 October 1824, after the overthrow of the Mexican   Empire of Agustin de Iturbide. In the new constitution, the republic   took the name of United Mexican States (Spanish: Estados Unidos Mexicanos), and was defined as a representative federal republic, with Catholicism as the official and unique religion.

However, most of the population largely ignored it.   When Guadalupe Victoria was followed in office by Vicente Guerrero, who   won the electoral but lost the popular vote, the Conservative Party saw   an opportunity to seize control and led a coup under Anastasio   Bustamante, who served as president from 1830 to 1832, and again from   1837 to 1841.

This coup set the pattern for Mexican politics during   the 19th Century. Many governments rose and fell during a period of   instability caused by factors including 1) the control of the economic   system by the large landowners, 2) the struggle over the status of   Mexico's northern territories, which issued in a devastating defeat at   the end of the Mexican–American War; and 3) the gulf in wealth and power   between the Spanish-descended elite and the mixed-race majority.

The main political parties during this era were the   Conservatives (favoring the Catholic Church, the landowners, and a   monarchy) and the Liberals (favoring secular government, the landless   majority, and a republic).

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