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1819, Switzerland, Zurich (Canton). Silver "Reformation/Ulrich Zwingli" Medal. R!

Mint Year: 1819 Mint Place: Zurich (Swiss Canton) Denomination: Medal  -  300th anniversary of the Reformation / Ulrich Zwingli Condition: Minor deposits and light hairlines/scratches, otherwise a nice XF-AU! References: Whiting 623, Wunderly 1041, Brozatus 1286, KMX-M2. var. (there in gold, smaller size and 1 ducat weight!) Weight: 21.99gm Diameter: 37mm Material: Silver 

Obverse: Bust of Magister Huldrych (Ulrich) Zwingli right. Legend: MAGISTER HULDRICUS ZWINGLI

Reverse: Legend in 9 lines above date (1819). Legend: LUCE / EVANGELII / III . SSAECUL. / PURE / CONSERVATA / VOTA PUBLICA / CHRISTO / DECRETA / TIG . CAL . IAN 1819.

Huldrych (or Ulrich) Zwingli (1 January 1484 – 11 October 1531) was a leader of the Reformation in Switzerland. Born during a time of emerging Swiss patriotism and increasing criticism of the Swiss mercenary system, he attended the University of Vienna and the University of Basel, a scholarly centre of humanism. He continued his studies while he served as a pastor in Glarus and later in Einsiedeln where he was influenced by the writings of Erasmus.

In 1518, Zwingli became the pastor of the Grossmünster in Zurich where he began to preach ideas on reforming the Catholic Church. In his first public controversy in 1522, he attacked the custom of fasting during Lent. In his publications, he noted corruption in the ecclesiastical hierarchy, promoted clerical marriage, and attacked the use of images in places of worship. In 1525, Zwingli introduced a new communion liturgy to replace the mass. Zwingli also clashed with the Anabaptists, which resulted in their persecution.

The Reformation spread to other parts of the Swiss Confederation, but several cantons resisted, preferring to remain Catholic.   Zwingli formed an alliance of Reformed cantons which divided the   Confederation along religious lines. In 1529, a war between the two   sides was averted at the last moment. Meanwhile, Zwingli's ideas came to   the attention of Martin Luther and other reformers. They met at the Marburg Colloquy and although they agreed on many points of doctrine, they could not reach an accord on the doctrine of the presence of Christ in the eucharist.   In 1531 Zwingli's alliance applied an unsuccessful food blockade on the   Catholic cantons. The cantons responded with an attack at a moment when   Zurich was badly prepared. Zwingli was killed in battle at the age of   47. His legacy lives on in the confessions, liturgy, and church orders of the Reformed churches of today.

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