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1818, Kingdom of Saxony, Frederick Augustus I. Silver 1/3 Thaler (½ Gulden) Coin. PCGS AU+

Mint Year: 1818 Mint Place: Dresden Reference: KM-1079. Denomination: 1/3 Thaler (½ Gulden) Mint Master: Johann Gotthelf Studer (I.G.S.) Condition: Certified and graded by PCGS as AU (Detail: Cleaned?) Weight: 7.01gm Material: Silver Obverse: Uniformed bust of Frederick Augustus I (as King) left. Legend: FRIEDR. AUGUST KOENIG V.SACHSEN Reverse: Crowned oval arms of Saxony, flanked by sprays. Mint master´s initials (I.G.S.) and date (1818) split by fractional thaler value (1/3) below. Legend: VIERZIG EINE FEINE MARK

Frederick Augustus I (full name: Frederick Augustus Joseph Maria Anton Johann Nepomuk Aloys Xavier) (German: Friedrich August I.; b. Dresden, 23 December 1750 - d. Dresden, 5 May 1827) was King of Saxony (1805-1827) from the House of Wettin. He was also Elector Frederick Augustus III (Friedrich August III.) of Saxony (1763-1806) and Duke Frederick Augustus I (Polish: Fryderyk August I) of Warsaw (1807-1813). The Augustusplatz in Leipzig is named after him.

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