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Description: 1960,
MEXICO. Pattern 5 Pesos Struck in Silver, 1960. PCGS SP-64 Secure Holder.

Unpublished. An official Mexico City mint pattern for the 5 Pesos silver commemorative series. The commemorative 5 Pesos series ended in 1959 with the final issue being the centennial of Carranza’s birth. The pattern here represents an un-adopted design submitted the following year (1960) to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Mexican aviation. The obverse design depicts famous Mexican aviator Albero Braniff flying left in his airplane above the hills surrounding Mexico City. The legend reads “CINCUENTENARIO AVIACION NACIONAL” or 50th anniversary of national aviation with a date of 1910-1960, “A. BRANIFF” in small letters above the date. Braniff studied abroad in Europe where he took an interest in the new and thriving field of aviation. While in Paris he purchased a French built airplane which he had shipped back to Mexico via boat. His achievements in aviation made him somewhat of a celebrity and symbol of national hope and pride. Braniff is recorded as not only being the first pilot to fly an airplane in Mexico, but all of Latin America. He paved the way for other Latin American aviators including Argentina’s Jorge Newbery and Peru’s Jorge Chavez. VERY RARE and the first example of this pattern we have handled.

PCGS#: 720754
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