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1667, France, Louis XIV. Silver  "Capture of Tournai and Courtrai" Medal. 307gm!

Reference: TN XI, 6, vL - Condition: Cleaned/lightly polished, otherwise XF-AU! Denomination: Medal - Capture of Tournai and Courtrai by the French Army during 1667. Mint Year: 1667 (here a 19th century re-strike with the cornucopia privy mark on edge, which was in use from 1880-1966!)  Weight: 307.40gm Diameter: 88mm Material: Silver

Obverse: Draped bust of Louis XIV right. Legend: LVDOVICVS . XIV . D . G . - FRAN . ET NAV . REX .

Reverse: Louis stands as Roman general, crowned by Fame and the figures of the two cities kneel and offer keys, River Gods of Lisa standing and Scaldis reclining,  Date (M.DC.LXVIII.) on a banner on ground at 5 o'clock.   Legend: CIVITAS TORNACENSIS ET CVRTRACENSIS

In the 1667 to 1668 War of Devolution (French: Guerre de Dévolution, Dutch: Devolutieoorlog), France occupied large parts of the Spanish Netherlands, and Franche-Comté, both then provinces of Spain. The name derives from an obscure law known as the Jus Devolutionis, used by Louis XIV to claim they "devolved" to him by right of marriage to Maria Theresa of Spain. In the fighting, the French encountered minimal resistance; however, Louis was more concerned to assert his inheritance rights in the Spanish Empire, and consequently returned much of his gains in the May 1668 Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle. The terms were agreed by Emperor Leopold in January 1668, reinforced by the Triple Alliance of England, Sweden and the Dutch Republic. The conflict marked the end of the long-standing Franco-Dutch alliance, and was the first of the French wars of expansion that dominated Europe for the next 50 years.


Montmédy (German: Mittelberg) is a commune in the Meuse department in Grand Est in north-eastern France.

In 1221 the first castle of Montmédy was built on top of a hill by the Count of Chiny. Montmédy soon became the capital of his territory – later it belonged to Luxembourg, Burgundy, Austria and Spain. The original castle was replaced with a fortress by Charles V in the 16th Century.

After Marville and Stenay had been occupied by the French, 30,000 soldiers, including King Louis XIV, attacked Montmédy, whilst 756 were defending it in 1657. They held it for 57 days and surrendered only after the death of the governor Jean V of Allamont (He was the last Spanish authority in the southern part of the Duchy of Luxembourg. After his death, southern Luxembourg went to France in 1659). The military engineer Vauban advanced the outer fortifications, the moats and the walls after the siege of 1657.

During the French Revolution in 1791, the fortress was the anticipated destination of King Louis XVI and his family in their unsuccessful attempt to escape from the growing radical republicanism of Paris. The area at that time was overwhelmingly pro-monarchy. The royal party never arrived, however, because they were discovered en route at Varennes and escorted back to the capital city. The King had hoped to establish a counter-revolutionary military base of operations in the citadel from which he could reclaim the country. The citadel has also been used as a fortress during both World Wars.

Buildings, including a church dating back to the 17th century, can be found inside the citadel itself; it still is used as a place to live. Most of the buildings are derelict or already collapsed; some of them are still in use as tenements. An Office de Tourisme (Tourist Office) can be found in the citadel.

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