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1799, Italy, Piedmont Republic (Napoleonic State). Silver 1/2 Scudo Coin. Rare!

Denomination: Mezzo Scudo (½ Scudo) Reference: KM-C#2 ($250 in F / $800 in VF!) Mint Year: 1799 (ANNO 8 = Year 8 of the Revolution). Condition: Marginal mint-made weight-adjusting marks, minor deposits, otherwise VF! Weight: 17.39gm Diameter: 36mm Material: Silver

Obverse: Togate Athena (personification of the of Piedmont Republic) holding fasces with liberty cap on a stick to left and pointing with right hand to right. Landscape with mountains in background. Legend: LIBERTA . VIRTV . AGUAGLIANZA .

Reverse: Denomination in two lines (MEZZO SCUDO) within wreath. Legend: * ANNO . VII . REP . DELLA . LIBERTA' . PIEMONTESE .

The Subalpine Republic, was the first of France's revolutionary supported states to strike coins to the Latin Standard. The Republic survived from 16 June 1800 to 11 September 1802.

The Subalpine (Piemontese) Republic was established under the protection of France, which ccupied the region in 1797. Duke Charles Emmanuel IV., King of Sardinia, who had succeeded his father in 1796, was declared deposed (1798); he abdicated in favour of his son in 1802. Expelled from Savoy-Piemont, the dynasty held the island of Sardinia, protected by the British navy. Upon the establishment of the Cisalpine Republic in July 1797, the Province of Novara was ceased to the latter. Briefly lost to the Russians, the republic was dissolved (June 1799). The area was restored to the House of Savoy, who had to flee again when the area was retaken by Napoleon; the Piemontese Republic was restored, to be later rechristened Subalpine Republic (est. June 1800; dissolved 1802). Capital Turin. In 1802 the region was annexed by France. The Piemontese/Subalpine Republic leaned heavily on France, introduced French style reforms, its coinage was based on the French Franc. The structure of government, notwithstanding the republics' short lifespan, changed repeatedly, from a Directory (Dec. 1798 - Apr. 1799) to a Superior Council (Apr. 1799 - July 1800), and after reestablishment of the republic to a Provisional Executive (Apr. 1801 - Sept. 1802). In 1802 annexed into France.

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