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Confederation gold 20 Francs 1893-B MS63 PCGS, Bern mint, KM31.3. AGW 0.1867 oz. HID05401242017.
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This coin has been sold for   $396.0

Notes: http://coins.HA.com/c/item.zx?saleNo=232017&lotNo=64620&type=SixBid232017 Estimate:1.0 2020-04-23

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2021-05-08 - New coin is added to 1 Penny New Zealand Bronze George VI (1895-1952)

    1 Penny New Zealand Bronze George VI (1895-1952)
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GEORGE V, penny, 1941. Nearly full mint red, uncirculated.
2021-05-08 - New coin is added to 50 Peso Chile Gold

    50 Peso Chile Gold
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Chile, Republic, 50-Pesos, 1926, head of Liberty left, rev. arms (F.55; KM.169), small graze on reverse rim otherwise extremely fine
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