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1863, United States, Civil War. Copper "ARMY & NAVY / UNION" Patriotic Token. R2!

Mint Year: 1863 References: Fuld-222/325c (R2!). Condition: Minor deposits and spots, otherwise XF! Denomination: Patriotic Civil War Cent Token - The Federal Union / Army & Navy Material: Copper Diameter: 19mm Weight: 3.04gm

Obverse: Inscriptions in six lines with two rosettes in fields and thirteen stars below. Legend: THE FEDRAL UNION / IT MUST / AND / * SHALL * / BE / PRESERVED Reverse: Inscription ("ARMY AND NAVY") within wreath. Two swords in saltire on anchor below.

Civil War tokens are token coins that were privately minted and distributed in the United States between 1862 and 1864. They were used mainly in the Northeast and Midwest. The widespread use of the tokens was a result of the scarcity of government-issued cents during the Civil War. Civil War tokens became illegal after the United States Congress passed a law on April 22, 1864 prohibiting the issue of any one or two-cent coins, tokens or devices for use as currency. On June 8, 1864 an additional law was passed that forbade all private coinage.

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