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1616, Schaumburg-Pinneberg, Ernst III. Silver 12 Kreuzer (4 Groschen) Coin. XF!

Mint Period: 1616-1619 Reference:  SaM 3178, KM-75 ($120 in VF!) Denomination: 12 Kreuzer (4 Groschen = Schreckenberger)  Condition: Areas of weakness of strike due to a crudely prepared planchet, otherwise XF! Diameter: 30mm Weight: 4.83gm   Material: Silver

Obverse: Crowned coat-of-arms of Holstein-Pinneberg on burgundian cross, which splits legends. Legend: ERN - ES . DG - CO . HO - S . ETS - DG .

Reverse: Imperial crown above double-headed eagle within inner circle. Titles of Emperor Matthias II around. Legend: . MATTHIAS . DG . RO . IM . SEM . AV . 

The County of Schaumburg (German: Grafschaft Schaumburg), until ca. 1485 known as Schauenburg, was a state of the Holy Roman Empire, located in the present German state of Lower Saxony. Its territory was more or less congruent with the present district Landkreis Schaumburg.

Ernst of Schaumburg (September 24, 1569 – January 17, 1622) was the first Count of Schauenburg and Holstein-Pinneberg to earn the title of Prince in 1619. However, he died in 1622 without an heir. Schauenburg-Pinneberg had been a Lutheran region since his grandfather Otto IV of Schaumburg had been won over to Martin Luther's teachings. After Ernst's death, a Catholic Count, Jobst Hermann, received a portion of Schauenburg but he also died without children, and Otto V, who was a Calvinist, succeeded Ernst. Prince Ernst built the Stadthagen Mausoleum for himself and his family. Today, this building is estimated as a cultural monument of European rank. On 11 September 1597 he married Hedwig of Hesse-Kassel at Wilhelmsburg Castle in Schmalkalden. The marriage remained childless.

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