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870, India, Shahi Kings of Kabul, Spalapati Deva. Silver Bull & Rider Unit Coin.

Mint Period: 800-870 AD Denomination: Bull & Rider Unit Reference: Mitch. NISWC 111-112. Condition: Minor deposits in fields, otherwise a nice VF+ Diameter: 18mm Weight: 3.24gm Material: Silver

Obverse: Mounted horseman with standard riding right. Cursive Greek inscription in front. Legend: "Sri Spalapati Deva"

Reverse: Humped bull seated left with trisul on rump. Brahmi legend above. Legend: "Sri Spalapati Deva" 

The Kabul Shahi dynasties also called Shahiya ruled the Kabul Valley (in eastern Afghanistan) and the old province of Gandhara (northern Pakistan) during the Classical Period of India[6] from the decline of the Kushan Empire min the 3rd century to the early 11th century. They are split into two eras: the Buddhist Turk Shahi and the later Hindu-Shahis with the change-over occurring around 870 CE.

When Xuanzang visited the region early in the 7th century, the Kabul region was ruled by a Kshatriya king, who is identified as the Shahi Khingal, and whose name has been found in an inscription found in Gardez.

These Hindu kings of Kabul and Gandhara may have had links to some ruling families in neighboring Kashmir, Punjab and other areas to the east. The Shahis were rulers of predominantly Buddhist and Hindu populations and were thus patrons of numerous faiths, and various artifacts and coins from their rule have been found that display their multicultural domain. At the end period the last Shahi emperors Jayapala, Anandapala and Tirlochanpala fought the Muslim Turk Ghaznavids of Ghazna and were gradually defeated. Their remaining army were eventually exiled into northern India.

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