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1689, Bamberg, Marquard Sebastian Schenk von Stauffenberg. Copper 3 Heller Coin.

Condition: VF+ Mint year: 1689 Reference: KM-70. Denomination: 3 Heller Material: Copper Diameter: 14mm Weight: 0.36gm

Obverse: Date above crowned coat-of-arms.

Reverse: Value (III H) within wreath.

The Bishopric of Bamberg was established in 1007, to further expand the spread of Christianity in Germany. The ecclesiastical state was a member of the Holy Roman Empire from about 1245 until it was subsumed to the Electorate of Bavaria in 1802.


Marquard Sebastian Schenk von Stauffenberg (1644–1693) was the Prince-Bishop of Bamberg from 1683 to 1693.

Marquard Sebastian Schenk von Stauffenberg was born in Eichstätt on May 14, 1644.

He became a canon of Bamberg Cathedral, Würzburg Cathedral, and Augsburg Cathedral. On June 10, 1683, he was elected Prince-Bishop of Bamberg. Pope Innocent XI confirmed his appointment on September 2, 1686. He was ordained as a priest and consecrated as a bishop by Stephan Weinberger, auxiliary bishop of Augsburg, on April 6, 1687.

He received Schloss Greifenstein and rebuilt it in Baroque style, 1691–93, employing the Bavarian architect Leonhard Dientzenhofer. He also commissioned the building of Schloss Seehof.

He died on October 9, 1693.

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