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1678, Brandenburg-Ansbach, John Frederick. Silver 1/6 Thaler (1/4 Gulden) Coin. He was the father of the Queen Caroline of England. R!

Mint Year: 1678 Reference: KM-82. Denomination: 1/6 Thaler (1/4 Gulden) Condition: Small mint-made clupping at 6 o'clock, olightly bent by the roller-dies, which have struck this coin, otherwise about XF! Diameter: 31mm Weight: 6.01gm Material: Silver

Obverse: Bust of John Frederick right, denomination (1/6) below   arm truncation. Legend: IOH . FR . DG . M . BRAND . MAG : (1/6) *
Reverse: Crowned multiple coat-of-arms of Brandenburg- Ansbach within foliage. Legend: PR . D . B . NOR . - . PR . HALB . M . C . 16 - 78 .

Johann Friedrich, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach (October 18, 1654 – March 22, 1686), succeeded his father Albrecht V as margrave in 1667. He married his second wife Eleanor Erdmuthe Louise of Saxe-Eisenach on November 4, 1681. Their daughter Wilhelmine Charlotte Caroline, Margravine of Brandenburg-Ansbach (Caroline of Ansbach) married George II of Great Britain before he became king.

The Principality of Ansbach (German: Fürstentum Ansbach) or Brandenburg-Ansbach was a reichsfrei principality in the Holy Roman Empire centered on the Bavarian city of Ansbach. The ruling Hohenzollern princes of the land were known as margraves, as the principality was a margravate (but not a march).

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This coin has been sold for   $34.0

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