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1789, Reuss-Obergreiz, Heinrich XI. Scarce Silver 1/12 Thaler Coin. Damaged XF!

Mint Year: 1789 Denomination: 1/12 Thaler Reference: Jaeger 28, KM-63 var. (this date not listed!) Condition: Welding scar at 12 o'clock and some scratches (tooling, probably an old silver-test) in fields, otherwise XF! Diameter: 22mm Weight: 3.07gm  Material: Silver


The Principality of Reuss-Greiz (German: Fürstentum Reuß-Greiz), called the Principality of the Reuss Elder Line (German: Fürstentum Reuß älterer Linie) after 1848, was a sovereign state in modern Germany, ruled by members of the House of Reuss. The Counts Reuss of Greiz, Lower-Greiz and Upper-Greiz (German: Reuß zu Greiz, Untergreiz und Obergreiz) were elevated to princely status in 1778 and thereafter bore the title of Prince Reuss, Elder Line, or Prince Reuss of Greiz.

Similarly to the more numerous Reuss Junior Line, the male members of this house were all named "Heinrich", in honour of Emperor Heinrich VI, who had benefited the family. They were numbered sequentially by birth, rather than by reign, with the last series beginning with Heinrich I (born 1693) and ending with Heinrich XXIV (1878–1927).

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