8 Real    (sold for $141.0)

PHILIPPINES. 8 Reales, ND (Decree of December 20, 1834, suppressed March 31, 1837 (By Decree of February 1, 1836)). PCGS Genuine--Tooled, EF Details Secure Holder.

KM-129; Basso-43; PNM#6-149; PNM#16-329; Cacho-Type IX CS-061; Lopez-Chavez Yriarte-Type IV group A; Gil- Crown variety 5-4-1-II (1835). Type VI countermark crowned Y.II. within circle. On an 1834-GoPJ Mexico 8 Reales, three dots before assayer's letter's and clashed dies showing "LIBERTAD" in retrograde on reverse just below eagle in cactus. Countermark well struck and off center. Some minor tooling on reverse between ten o'clock and one o'clock. Light to moderate wear with light attractive grey toning showing golden and azure highlights. Countermark EF Details, host coin

PCGS#: 402635

Pedigree: From the Ray Czahor Collection.
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This coin has been sold for   $141.0

Notes: http://www.stacksbowers.com/archivedetail.aspx?productid=2992279 14100 2014-12-05

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Coin Group
 Denomination: 8 Real
 Metal: Silver
 State: Philippines
 Catalog reference:
Description:   English
Coin variations: 13 instance(s)
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