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1938, Hungary (Republic). Large Proof  Silver 5 Pengö Crown. Official Restrike!

Mint year: 1938 Condition: Proof! Reference: KM-516. Denomination: 5 Pengö Mint Place: Budapest (B.P.) Material: Silver (.640) Weight: 25.08gm Diameter: 36mm

Obverse: King Stephen I wearing the crown of St. Stephen right. Legend: 975 . ISTVAN . * 969 + 1038 .

Reverse: Crown of Saint Stephen, sword, scepter and branches on top of Hungarian shield, splitting date and mint mark. Legend: * MAGYAR . KIRÁLYSÁG * (1938 / B.P.) . 5 . PENGÖ .


Saint Stephen I (Hungarian: I. (Szent) István) (Latin: Sanctus Stephanus) (Esztergom, 967/969/975 – August 15, 1038, Esztergom-Szentkirály or Székesfehérvár, Hungary) was Grand Prince of the Hungarians (997–1000) and the first King of Hungary (1000–1038). He greatly expanded Hungarian control over the Carpathian Basin during his lifetime, broadly established Christianity in the region, and he is generally considered to be the founder of the Kingdom of Hungary. Pope Gregory VII canonized Stephen I, together with his son, Saint Emeric of Hungary and Bishop Gerard of Csanád, on August 20, 1083, becoming one of the most popular saints in Hungary, and his birthday is celebrated as a state holiday commemorating the foundation of the nation.

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Coin Group
 Denomination: 5 Pengo
 Metal: Silver
 State: Kingdom of Hungary (1920 - 1946)
 Person: Stephen I of Hungary
 Catalog reference:
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