4 Baht / 1 Tamlung    (sold for $17925.0)

Description: 1864,
THAILAND. Tamlung (4 Baht), ND (1864). NGC AU-55.

Kann-pg. 332-333, pl. 139; Y-A12; SSC-pl. IX#2a/b; LeMay-pg. 94, pl. XXII#1. Struck to commemorate Rama IV's 60th birthday. The obverse depicts the standard design as found on regular circulation issues of this era. The reverse displays the central inscription "Kingdom of Siam" within a cubed star frame with the Chinese inscription around "Cheng Ming Tung Pao" (Negotiable Currency of Cheng Ming). It is believed that these pieces were never released for circulation and were struck for presentation to important Thai and Chinese citizens. According to Kann, the reason for a Chinese inscription was that Siam still admitted China's suzerainty over its country at this time. While Thailand still retained its domestic autonomy, China remained in control of certain affairs. Exquisite peripheral multicolored toning.
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This coin has been sold for   $17925.0

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Coin Group
 Denomination: 4 Baht
1 Tamlung
 Metal: Silver
 State: Thailand
Description:   English
Coin variations: 2 instance(s)
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