32 Marck    (sold for $64.0)


1755, German States, Aachen (Free City). Scarce Silver 32 Marck (32 Mark) Coin.

Condition: VF+ Mint Year: 1755 Denominations: 32 Marck (32 Mark) Reference: Krumbach 217, KM-44 ($550 in VF!) Weight: 10.29gm Diameter: 32mm Material: Silver 

Obverse: Imperial regalia (crown scepter and sword) on a garlanded atlar. Legend:  LOCVS . CORONATIONIS . CAESARAE .

Reverse: Eagle facing, head left, with value (32) within circle on breast. All within double band of legends. Inner Legend: * PRINCIPALIS . PRIMA . REGUM . CURIA . Outer Legend: * URBS . AQUENSIS . URBS . REGALIS REGNI . SEDES :


The Free Imperial City of Aachen was a Free Imperial City and spa of the Holy Roman Empire, situated west of Cologne and southeast of the Low Countries, in the Lower Rhenish–Westphalian Circle. The pilgrimages, the Coronation of the Holy Roman Emperor,   the flourishing industries and the privileges conferred by the various   emperors combined to make it one of the most prosperous market towns of the Holy Roman Empire.

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This coin has been sold for   $64.0

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 Denomination: 32 Marck
 Metal: Silver
 State: Free Imperial City of Aachen (1306 ...
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