1 Yen    (sold for $75.0)

Description: 1882,
JAPAN. Yen, Year 15 (1882). ANACS EF Details-40--Corroded, Bent.

Y-28a.1; JNDA-01-10b. Countermark "Gin" on the left side designating the Osaka Mint.  According to Krause about 10% of the "Gin" countermarks applied to the Trade dollars and one Yens were done at the Tokyo mint with the remaining 90% done at the Osaka mint.  With the application of the countermark they became demonetized and were shipped out of the country to be used as bullion and to prevent them from reentering the country to be redeemed for gold.  Scarce date host coins.  Several chopmarks on reverse.  Toned.
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This coin has been sold for   $75.0

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Coin Group
 Denomination: 1 Yen
 Metal: Silver
 State: Empire of Japan (1868-1947)
 Person: Meiji the Great (1852 - 1912)
 Catalog reference:
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Coin variations: 17 instance(s)
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