1 Tetradrachm    (sold for $725.0)

Description: Kingdom of Macedon. Alexander III, the Great, 336-323 BC. AR Tetradrachm (16.91 g) minted posthumously, likely at Amphipolis, c. 320-317 BC. Head right of Herakles wearing lion's skin headdress. Reverse: Zeus enthroned left, holding eagle and scepter; in left field, aplustre; under throne, monogram. Price 129; M. 280. NGC graded Ch AU; Strike 5/5; Surface 3/5. A full suite of denominations was available to Alexander's world, using gold, silver and bronze: from gold distaters to eighth staters, silver dekadrachms (very rare) to hemiobols, as well as bronzes in several sizes. Estimated Value $600 - 700. Categories: Ancient Coins
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This coin has been sold for   $725.0

Notes: http://www.goldbergcoins.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/18/lot/41823/ $600 - $700 2012-01-29

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spa1 » Александр Македонский (25 coins)
Македонское царство - монеты с изображением Александра Македонского
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Coin Group
 Denomination: 1 Tetradrachm
 Metal: Silver
 State: Macedonian Kingdom (800BC-146BC)
 Person: Alexander III of Macedon (356BC-323BC)
Description:   Русский   English
Coin variations: 202 instance(s)
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