1 Tetradrachm    (sold for $2300.0)

Description: BACTRIA, Kingdom of, Eucratides I, (170-145 B.C.), silver tetradrachm, (16.982 grams), obv. Pith helmeted head of Eucratides to right ornamented with bull's horn and ear, ...
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This coin has been sold for   $2300.0

Notes: http://www.noble.com.au/auctions/lot/?id=237913 Estimate $3,000 SOLD $2,300 2009-04-01

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Ancient Tetradrachms (Greece, Egypt, Syria, Sicily, Seleukid Kingdom, ...). Most of them couple hundreds years BC. Some of them are 2500+ years old. They have so good mining quality, sharp details and complicated compositions. Definitely anci ...
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Coin Group
 Denomination: 1 Tetradrachm
 Metal: Silver
 State: Ancient Greece (1100BC-330)
Description:   English
Coin variations: 12 instance(s)
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