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1618, Doges of Venice, Antonio Priuli. Large Silver Scudo (140 Soldi) Coin. VF+

Mint Period: 1618-1620 Denomination: Scudo della Croce (140 Soldi) Reference: Davenport 4239, Paolucci 16, CNI 60. R! Mint Master: Giacomo Renier (GR, active during 1618-1620y)    Condition: A well-circulated VF+ for this scarce and large silver coin!    Weight: 29.56gm Diameter: 42mm Material: Silver

Obverse: Large floriate Venetian double cross. Legend: * ANTON . PRIOL . DVX . VEN * Exergue: G . R   Reverse: Lion of San Marco emblazoned on shield. Legend: * SANCTVS . MARCVS . VENE * Exergue: * 140 * (140 Soldi)

The Doge (Venetian language, also Doxe, derived from Latin Dux military leader, duke; cf. English Duke, Italian Duce) was the chief magistrate and leader of the Most Serene Republic of Venice for over a thousand years. Doges of Venice were elected for life by the city-state's aristocracy. Commonly the person selected as Doge was the shrewdest elder in the city. The Venetian combination of elaborate monarchic pomp and a republican constitution with intricate checks and balances makes La serenissima a textbook example of a crowned republic.

Antonio Priuli (Venice, May 10, 1548 – Venice, August 12, 1623) was the 94th Doge of Venice, reigning from May 17, 1618 until his death. Priuli became Doge in the midst of an ongoing Spanish conspiracy orchestrated by the Spanish Ambassador to Venice, Alfonso de la Cueva, marqués de Bedmar, a "spy war" that did not end until 1622.

Priuli was the son of Gerolamo Priuli and Elisabetta Cappello. He   enjoyed a successful career as a sailor and a soldier. He married Elena   Barbarigo and the couple had 14 children together, which resulted in the   need for Priuli to become heavily indebted.

In 1618, he was appointed provveditore of Veglia. Upon the sudden death of Doge Nicolò Donato only 35 days after his election, Priuli was recalled from Veglia to become Doge.

Priuli was hurriedly elected as Doge on May 17, 1618, only days after   the death of Donato. At the time of his election, it was widely   believed that the Spanish, led by Bedmar, had landed mercenaries on Venetian territory; that Bedmar had successfully infiltrated the   Venetian military; and that a Spanish fleet was poised to take Venice.   Priuli's election began a brutal process of ferreting out individuals   suspected of plotting against Venice. Hundreds were arrested, with or   without cause, with attention specially focused on foreign soldiers and   sailors. The manhunt led to the arrest of many actual plotters, but also   of many innocent victims, such as Antonio Foscarini, a patrician who was executed on April 21, 1621, after attending an event at the English Embassy.

The hysteria ended in 1622, and on January 16, 1623, the Venetian government issued an apology to Alethea Talbot for Foscarini's execution, thus marking a scaling back of the manhunt.   Venice and Spain continued to be at odds throughout the seventeenth   century, but things never again reached the fever pitch of 1618-1622.

In February 1623, the Thirty Years War spilled into Venetian territory, though only in the Valtellina. Priuli was, however, already too ill to participate, and died not long thereafter, on August 12, 1623.

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