1 Peseta    (sold for $22.0)


1933, Spain (2nd Republic). Beautiful Silver 1 Peseta Coin. VF-XF!

Condition: VF-XF!
Denomination: Peseta
Mint Year: 1933 (struck 1934!)
Diameter: 23mm
Material: Silver
Weight: 4.97gm

Obverse: Female togated personification of the Spanish Republic, seated, holding olive-spray.
Dexergue: (3) 1933 (4)

Reverse: Crowned Spanish arms between the Pillars of Hercules adorned with "PLVS VLTRA" motto.

The Second Spanish Republic (Spanish: Segunda República Española) was the government of Spain from 14 April 1931 until its dissolution in 1939 by a military rebellion led by General Francisco Franco and Emilio Mola.

The Second Spanish Republic was proclaimed when King Alfonso XIII left the country following municipal elections in which anti-monarchist candidates won the majority of votes, and the Spanish population celebrated the beginning of the Republic and social pressure made the political regime change. Its government went into exile on 1 April 1939, when the last of the loyalist Republican forces surrendered to rebel forces (calling themselves nacionales) led by Generalísimo Franco among others at the end of the Spanish Civil War.

The government in exile of the Second Spanish Republic had an embassy in Mexico City until 1976 and was formally dissolved the following year.

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This coin has been sold for   $22.0

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 Denomination: 1 Peseta
 Metal: Silver
 State: Second Spanish Republic (1931 - 1939)
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