1 Ducat    (sold for $763.0)

Description: 1729,
NETHERLANDS. Utrecht. Ducat, 1729. NGC Unc Details--Surface Hairlines.

Fr-285; KM-7.4. Minor surface roughness from saltwater submersion. With certificate of origin.

Pedigree: From the David Gray Collection. Purchased Private Treaty from Frank Sedwick September, 1995. Ex: Vlliegenthart.
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This coin has been sold for   $763.0

Notes: http://www.stacksbowers.com/archivedetail.aspx?productid=1859616 76375 2014-09-24

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The first issue of this coin is thought to have been under Roger II of Sicily, who, in 1140, coined ducats bearing the figure of Christ, and the inscription, ‘Sit tibi, Christe, datus, quem tu regis iste ducatus’ (or roughly, “O Christ, let this ...
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 Denomination: 1 Ducat
 Metal: Gold
 State: Dutch Republic (1581 - 1795)
 Catalog reference:
  Fr-285 284 268
Description:   English
Coin variations: 19 instance(s)
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